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Introducing "Father The Untold Story", The Stage Play

We are so proud to announce that LeeSadie Productions, LLC is planning a 12 City Tour for 2017-18 for our stage play "Father -The Untold Story". The play will cover the effects of growing up without a father and challenges of being one. The production will be both intense and life changing. Every man and woman often wonders how their lives would have been different if a strong father was in the household growing up.

We are taking letters of interest for those interested in being part of the Production Team and Promoters. We would also love for you to become a partner or sponsor on an issue that effects millions across our nation! Please send letter of interest, bio and head shots to dryolandasnipes@yahoo.com.

We are creating a book with our stage production. A collection of Letters to Our Fathers expressing our ups and downs, challenges and accomplishment, hearts and minds along with reflections of life with and without them. If you would like to share your thoughts and letter email dryolandasnipes@yahoo.com.

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Dr. Yolanda  "Cookie" Snipes
CEO of LeeSadie Productions, LLC  and LeeSadie Media Group (Non-Profit)