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LeeSadie 's Atlanta Executive Team

Dr. Yolanda "Cookie" Snipes CEO

LeeSadie Productions and LeeSadie Media Group

Dr. Snipes defines "Purpose" as the inner drive designed with natural gifts in reaching ultimate personal and professional goals; Christian Media personality that shares her faith and testimony to encourage others in their everyday life challenges, along with special programming for various communities, ministries and business organizations.

LeeSadie Productions is an Atlanta-based company that aims to create powerful inspirational images and stories that transform families, individuals, and industries. The company specializes in producing documentaries, reality docu-series, music videos, and other such content for a global audience, taking them on the vicissitudes of life and exposing them to various cultures, traditions, and ideas that will alter the landscape of their lives.

Dr. Latangela Crossfield

Producer and Media Personality

LeeSadie Productions and LeeSadie Media Group

Mr. Bernard Satchell

Director of Photography

LeeSadie Productions and LeeSadie Media Group

LeeSadie Media Group on the Scene

Attorney Brian Poe was interviewed by LeeSadie Media Group's Leann Foster on the red carpet of The Face of Homeless screening on Sunday April 8, 2018 in the Infinite Energy Theater in Duluth, GA. Invited as a guest of LeeSadie Media Group's CEO Dr. Yolanda Snipes, Attorney Poe is the Chairman of two law firms - Georgia Injury Attorneys (www.injuryattorneys-georgia.com) and Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys PC aka "The People's Champs" (www.thesigningattorney.net). He can be reached at: (404) 287-2363.

From the Desk of the CEO...

It is with honor and respect, I present The Real Georgia Peaches (TRGP) Brand to the World and its parent company LeeSadie Productions, LLC. TRGP is based on the integrity and grace of African American women that sowed into the heritage of Georgia with an emphasis on the traditional Georgia culture.  Our project has three very strong domains, the Documentary Film, TV Pilot and Fashion Line. The Documentary showcases the accomplishments of African American women grounded in Georgia that impacted the communities, business and culture. The TV Pilot is a spin-off of the lessons learned from these women with a setting in the 1960s with a modern day reality and fictional drama. The Fashion Line brings style and grace to career and casual wear influenced from the 60's trends.  Please contact me directly at dryolandasnipes@yahoo.com for media and sponsor kit.

Dr. Yolanda "Cookie" Snipes

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Dr. Yolanda  "Cookie" Snipes
CEO of LeeSadie Productions, LLC  and LeeSadie Media Group (Non-Profit)